a24 | The Disaster Artist


The elusive but enthusiastic superfan cult audiences were highly valuable to the success of the film The Disaster Artist. Operam utilized 1:1 data targeting to message these self-identified superfans taking inspiration from the original Tommy Wiseau and bought a billboard.

The relevance of this billboard was in the location itself and the type of consumer engagement it encouraged. The billboard location was chosen because it was in the original location Wiseau rented for five consecutive years. It was a known landmark on Highland Ave in Los Angeles making it the natural choice to promote a film about Wiseau.

To drive engagement we challenged consumers with something rarely seen in today's marketing strategies. We encouraged people to call a phone number and have a conversation with a human, James Franco. We tapped into Franco’s general affability and translated it into a social PR program by exciting broader moviegoers with insider knowledge and ironic humor to encourage them to call too and expect delightful outcomes.

For an extra $19.99, we purchased the call tracking number to log all of the caller information. This data included caller information that we applied to Facebook targeting to directly reach and connect curious callers with videos of recorded calls.